Friday, July 4, 2014

Challenge days 184-200

Wow 200 days !!! Working on my dreams continuously and living these challenges until they are second nature. Eating 90% clean , steps , insanity and positive gestures. At this point I will not be adding additional to my challenge list .. I will continue this for the next month then do a switch up :) 

       Ciao , M

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Challenge days 166-183

Challenge In Check ! I should be used to this by now But i am excited everyday to progress a bit more. 

I am back in Europe now since the 12th and bounced back into this routine. Jetlag is ass but managed to do what was required to not break the streak

Still eating 90% clean
Positive thoughts 
Started new round of insanity 6 week challenge 
Walking at least 17,000 steps a day
Write 2 songs in 6 weeks 
This is my current challenge :) 

          Ciao, M

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Challenge days 155-165

Challenge on path and feeling 95% on top of my game :) body is healing from flare which is awesome . I will keep up my green food shakes post workout. 

Spending time with friends before I leave and having a blast . I miss them already. 

Tattoo 5 days old now . I love it . 

Heading back to Germany in 2 weeks . 
Will do a short fast before I go as an extra challenge :) 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Challenge Day 141-154

Challenge Moving along Even through The colitis flare that is at week 4 and Zoe Belle being sick ... I still managed to do what I set out to do for myself. 

Little zoe Baby on a recovery journey.

3 week countdown to being Europe Bound again . 

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Challenge Day 118-140

Challenge going strong Even Though colitis has Been activ for 2 weeks. Trying to stay focused and positiv. 20,000 steps on Daily average . Heading back to Europe in 5 weeks and some change .
Hugs and love 

Friday, April 11, 2014

111-117 challenge days

 Eating going extremely well. 
 Weightlifting now 4xs a week 
 Extra cardio sessions and minimum of 8     miles a day. 

Smoking is finito! Over 3 weeks strong!

I feel like I am getting ready for something  great. So much energy when I wake up in the morning and get my day started. 

Supplements are simple 

Vitamins multi 
Apple vinegar
Coconut oil
And 3 liters of water a day 

Ep is rolling out sooner than later :)
Some frustrations with pace on that but in the end pretty happy about it. 

Pants are getting quite loose :) yay! 
Sexy beast mode! 

Ciao, M

Friday, April 4, 2014

Challenge days 97-110

Feeling great and steady making progress . EP is close to being Mixed complete and i am ohne enjoying My animals & Family for a 2 month Vacay . 

I am eating clean 90% of The time
Doing a Minimum of 8 miles a Day 
Cleaning and decluttering My House in Colorado . 
Healing My soul Day by day
Also... Really seem to be ditching The cigs for good ... 
New Portion of challenge next week . 

Another Year older now But i Feel No age . Hoping i dont look it ! 

       Ciao, M